UK National Nuclear Laboratory and ARES Software UK Announce Collaboration

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UK National Nuclear Laboratory and ARES Software UK Announce Collaboration Agreement to Enhance Security for United Kingdom’s Nuclear Facilities


LONDON, UK – UK National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) and ARES Software UK (ARES) are pleased to announce the signing of a major partnership agreement in the field of security software.  In addition, NNL has undertaken the first application of ARES AVERT software outside the United States.

AVERT allows organisations to simulate both an attack on a facility – such as a military installation, airport or nuclear plant – and also to simulate possible responses of security forces and physical protection equipment.  The event scenario can be visualised from the viewpoint of attackers, defenders or other perspectives, such as any CCTV camera locations. AVERT also allows a quantitative assessment of the security response, allowing different approaches to be compared.

NNL has worked with ARES to test and develop the AVERT product to simulate potential assaults on NNL’s own Central Laboratory facility on the Sellafield site in Cumbria – the first such application outside the US. NNL and ARES will work together to offer this product to nuclear and other key sectors where defence against terrorist or similar threats is a major consideration.

The agreement was announced in London by NNL Managing Director Paul Howarth and ARES Corporation President Dr. William Vantine. “I’m delighted to announce this major step forward today with the signing of our collaboration agreement with ARES. Security issues have rarely been higher up the agenda and our work with ARES has allowed both organisations to bring our key expertise and capability in our respective fields to develop a superb solution,” said Paul Howarth. “We are working together to bring this solution to the market and I am confident that we’ll be successful – both in the nuclear field and in other key sectors where security is paramount.”

“Our mutual vision for securing Nuclear Facilities is to take a risk informed approach to decisions regarding Security Operations and Capital Expenditures,” commented Bill Vantine.  “We are delighted to partner with NNL to ensure this vision becomes a reality for the benefit of UK’s nuclear facilities and other key infrastructure.”

(photo: ARES Corporation President Dr. William Vantine (left) and NNL Managing Director Paul Howarth (right) )

National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL)

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