Safety & Risk Management

ARES leverages our significant expertise in the development and application of quantitative safety and risk management best practices to improve safety and quality, minimize schedule delays and budget overruns, reduce change orders, and optimize operational performance and productivity across all of our projects.

Quantitative Risk Management

Many times it is necessary to develop as accurate a picture of your risk as possible. ARES has the tools to develop delayed Probability Risk Assessments (PRAs), and develop Event Trees and Fault Trees to determine the likelihood of occurrence (and the uncertainty associated with it), as well as to quantify the consequences of the various outcome identified. This expertise has applied from small projects on nuclear safety system upgrades to large comprehensive nuclear weapons system safety assessments.

Safety Management and Implementation

ARES not only has experience in developing a safety basis for a system or facility using hazard analysis tools and accident analysis techniques, we also have experience in helping a client implement them in their facility. This may involve development of both administrative and programmatic procedures, as well as operations and maintenance procedures and improvements to design documentation.

Emergency Operations

ARES helps clients develop response procedures for emergencies involving nuclear and radiological hazards. We develop and conduct training and exercises to ensure that those procedures are implemented safely and effectively. We help customers capture lessons learned and incorporate those lessons into their response plans.

Complex Systems Modeling

Complex systems have complex failures. System reliability models can help you understand these and develop effective engineered changes and emergency response procedures for this. These models also assist with overall decision and cost benefit analyses. ARES has numerous software tools so that the right tool is applied and the right questions asked to get to decisions that make sense and can be implemented.

Security System Design, Analysis & Operations

ARES applies its knowledge and experience in quantitative risk analysis and complex systems modeling to the development of effective security solutions for critical infrastructure and high consequence facilities. ARES security experts support our customers in the development of design basis threat (DBT) documents that establish the parameters for security system designs. They then use on-site assessments and a wide range of analytical tools to assess vulnerabilities against the defined DBT. Working with our customers, we develop effective security solutions that have minimal impact on operations. We provide effective training solutions to site personnel to ensure that they understand how to operate and maintain these systems. ARES also supports performance testing of security systems components, including access control, sensors, and delay mechanisms.

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