Commercial Space

With the large amount of attention being paid to the emerging commercial launch vehicles, successful test flights and design/safety reviews are vital to the continued viability of this nascent market.  ARES is uniquely positioned in the commercial aerospace market supporting both of NASA’s Commercial Orbital Transportation System and Commercial Resupply Services contractors, SpaceX and Orbital, and is expanding support within the commercial satellite market.

Representative projects include:

  • Applying our unique knowledge of NASA safety processes, International Space Station visiting vehicle requirements, and risk management and reliability methodologies and tools to provide system safety, reliability/maintainability, and risk management services to a Commercial Orbital Transportation Services contractor.  ARES performs S&MA planning and analysis, PRA, and assists in the development and implementation of a Risk Management Plan.  Further, ARES provides systems engineering assistance in developing and negotiating the International Space Station Interface Requirements Document (IRD), human ratings requirements documentation, and information technology services.
  • Assessing the risk of faulty launch vehicles, enabling the vehicle manufacturer and its customers to lower the cost of launch vehicle reliability insurance, resulting in significant cost savings.

ARES provides engineering, reliability and mission assurance, and project management services within the Commercial Space market, leveraging its extensive knowledge of the first likely destination of Government-procured commercial space services, the International Space Station, and its intimate knowledge of NASA’s safety approval process to provide key insights to providers of commercial space services.