Commercial Nuclear

ARES has established a solid position within the commercial nuclear market, providing services that, among other things, reduce project risks by verifying that proposed maintenance activities can be performed safely and in accordance with Nuclear Regulatory Commission guidelines.¬† ARES supports over 57 distinct electric utilities, nuclear power A/E companies, and NSSS designers/manufactures, including Duke Energy, AREVA, Westinghouse, Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Company, and Florida Power and Light.¬

Representative projects include:

  • Providing high-level engineering support to solve a plant‚Äôs toughest outage and operability issues, minimizing the risk of brownouts and blackouts.¬†ARES provided a series of structural/seismic analysis on piping systems, nozzles, supports, and control room structures, systems, and components.¬†ARES provides on-site walkdown support, performed updated turbine pedestal analyses on replacement rotors, updated heavy load drop analysis, and performed seismic analysis for the Design Standard Study.
  • Developing and delivering a training course on seismic interaction (2-over-1), raising awareness of this issue at the client site, and reducing the risk of it appearing as part of the overall system design.
  • Preparing design media of a reactor building; performing structural design and analysis of specialty equipment; performing design and analysis of a batteries system, large air bottle supports, and rad waste system; analyzing anchorage and supports for HVAC and electrical equipment; optimizing design to support security requirements; providing additional specification and regulation review support; and finalizing various studies and reports, including material selection and pool liner design.

ARES has supported the electric utility industry by providing services in engineering design and support, expert witness support, nuclear engineering, project management, risk management, and project controls. ARES has experience in both regulatory and A-E design and has personnel in every discipline who have the Professional Engineer accreditation.  Specialty support provided includes seismic engineering and analysis support, which helps ensure that earthquakes and other seismic activities do not damage operating nuclear facilities.