Project Management

ARES provides project management expertise and support personnel in program/project risk management, project controls, risk-based schedule analysis, decision analysis, supplier management, technology readiness level assessment, process analysis, and cost estimating and uncertainty analysis that enables our clients to reduce their overall risk profile.  ARES offers the unique capability of risk-based program/project management, spanning technical, schedule, and cost management to adapt a holistic view towards program/project success.

ARES’ program/project risk management process provides a comprehensive, iterative program to allow clients to identify and manage risk throughout their mission’s lifecycle.  Proven methodology, comprehensive services, and a wide-ranging software toolset provide a complete, integrated capability which makes ARES the leading program risk management provider-of-choice for our clients.  Additional service offerings include cost/benefit analysis, cost estimating and uncertainty analysis, strategic planning, six sigma process and training, LEAN implementation, management and facilitation services, root cause analysis (related to Sarbanes Oxley compliance and DOE financial reporting compliance), project management plans, project/process analysis, cost account management, and subcontractor management.

Project cost and schedule performance is significantly affected by the ability of the project owner to effectively support, monitor, and control the activities at any given project phase.  ARES has provided highly experienced owner’s agent support services to projects across the energy, space, and defense sectors, and has particular expertise in evaluating complex change order requests that have significant potential impact on a project’s overall risk profile.  Given the high unique domain knowledge, experience, and capabilities of ARES personnel, we are often brought in to provide end-to-end project management services across all phases of highly complex projects.  ARES has particular expertise in establishing or significantly enhancing risk management practices for clients.  For example, we established the Missile Defense Agency’s Ground-based Midcourse Defense risk management practice and developed improved risk management processes for the U.S. Air Force’s Capabilities Review and Risk Assessment (CRRA) process.

Our project management services assist clients in assessing multiple technical options based on technical, schedule, and cost parameters.  Depending on several factors, such as project size, complexity, company priority, and risk, ARES implements a graded approach to project management services that helps tailor the management effort required on any project to fit each client’s specific needs.