Security & Emergency Operations

ARES Corporation, through its Integrated Protection Services (IPS) group, has the expertise to help companies and organizations manage the complete spectrum of protection program planning, operations, and performance assurance. The IPS group within ARES is focused on helping clients develop and implement an integrated protection program, including both physical security and emergency management, which provides the highest levels of mission support and protection program performance.

At ARES-IPS, we are committed to helping our clients develop and implement an integrated protection program that effectively supports the operational mission of the organization; acknowledging both the need for protection program effectiveness, as well as efficiency of operations. Our goal is to assist our clients in incorporating the best practices from a wide range of security and emergency operations models to create a tailored protection program that meets their demanding mission support needs. ARES-IPS staff has decades of experience at all levels of government and private organizations. They have been directly responsible for large-scale and high-consequence security program management, national-level security policy development, protection program implementation, and performance assurance development and oversight. Our extensive and unique expertise in analyzing complex security challenges and developing comprehensive, sustainable programs gives us a strong capability to help our clients meet the challenging demands facing their security programs and their operational mission. Key attributes of this experience include:

  • Widely recognized expertise in developing and implementing innovative approaches to meeting exceptionally complex and demanding operational needs
  • Extensive involvement across a broad range of domestic and international protection programs for nuclear and other high-consequence operations
  • Decades of site-level operational experience, including guard force management, physical security program operations, and emergency management oversight
  • National-level policy formulation experience combined with site-level implementation expertise
  • Experienced in leading collaboration initiatives between national-level organizations (DoD, DOE, NRC) to share best practices and build stronger, more consistent protection programs
  • Unique ability to blend industry/government security standards with organizational security goals and objectives to create best-in-class protection programs that provide the highest levels of mission support
  • Highly skilled at identifying and applying new technologies to improve mission performance
  • Acknowledged expertise in developing and implementing strong performance assurance programs focused on maintaining the highest levels of protection and mission support
  • Hold top-level security clearances in DoD, DOE, and the NRC


Capabilities and Services

The ARES-IPS group offers a wide range of security and emergency operations capabilities and services:

Security Risk Assessments

ARES IPS provides a full range of services supporting a comprehensive and integrated security risk assessment program for our clients. Our comprehensive risk assessment capabilities are based on a blended model that incorporates the best practices from a number of government and private approaches. We have the ability to tailor our assessment model to a wide range of operational missions, facilities, and organizations. This includes high-consequence asset protection (nuclear, radiological, chemical, biological); industrial plants, air and sea ports, office complexes, as well as campus environments. We are singularly focused on creating a balanced protection program addressing the challenges and needs of operations, safety, security, and emergency management. We employ a variety of analytical tools, including sophisticated computer based modeling, advanced tabletop exercises, and tactical simulation capabilities and our approach produces in-depth documentation of the process and the results in order to support risk-informed decision making and regulatory oversight needs. Our clients include international and U.S. government agencies, private sector organizations, and public institutions


Protection Program Design and Implementation Assistance

One of the key challenges facing any organization is how to right-size its protection program. ARES IPS has the unique expertise to assist our customers in developing and implementing comprehensive facility protection system designs that strike the right balance between effective protection and the organizations business objectives. The ARES-IPS expertise includes detection and assessment systems, innovative technology applications, barriers and delays, access control, and protective force components. We focus on creating a balanced protection program based on the principle of “security by design” that helps provide defense in depth for critical facilities. A key element of our capability resides in our expertise in developing integrated protection programs that blend all aspects of protective force post/patrol operations, detailed response plans, protective force tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) and integrated training programs.


Drill and Exercise Program Development

ARES-IPS has a wealth of experience in developing and operating integrated performance testing programs designed to ensure all aspects of the protection program are operating at the highest levels of performance. ARES-IPS capabilities focus on creating blended drill and exercise programs that bring together security forces, emergency management and response assets, and facility operations to test and exercise the complete spectrum of the organizations response to abnormal events. Our capabilities span the range of drills/exercises; including full-scale force-on-force exercises, limited scope performance tests, and table top exercises utilizing state of the art technology to create an immersive learning environment for security and emergency response personnel. ARES-IPS staff are adept at scenario development to effectively test the organizations protection program’s ability to respond to terrorist actions, active shooter situations, workplace violence, protests, natural disasters, industrial accidents, etc.


Performance Assurance Program Development and Assistance

Ensuring that protection programs are functioning as designed is a critical need of any organization and ARES-IPS has extensive experience in conducting assessments of all aspects of protection program operations. ARES staff have a wide range of experiences across a diverse set of organizations and this experience allows us to create a comprehensive assessment program for our clients that is tailored to their particular scope and needs. To ensure create a balanced and integrated assessment model our approach focuses on incorporating all elements of the organization’s mission – including operations, facilities, safety, security and emergency management. ARES staff are experts in conducting comprehensive in-depth “condition assessments” designed to inform organizational leaders of the relative strengths and weaknesses of their program. In conducting our assessments, we pay particular attention to the organizational “culture” aspects of the entire protection program – including the critical functions of coordination, communication and integration between organizational elements. ARES-IPS staff can help our clients get to the heart of performance issues by conducting detailed and well-documented root cause analysis and corrective action development for identified weakness. Our extensive experience also enables us to identify best practices and provide our clients with field-tested and proven solutions to address program weaknesses.


Capital Project Services

ARES-IPS has extensive capabilities in conducting condition assessments of existing security system operations and transforming those assessments into actionable lifecycle planning programs. Our staff has the expertise to help our clients address the most demanding physical security system design needs and our close connection to leading technology developers and providers ensures that state of the art solutions are matched to our clients needs. Of particular importance is our ability to bring together state of the art perimeter security system design with three-dimensional visualization capabilities that gives our clients the ability fly-over and walk-through all elements of their security system design. ARES has a wide range of system design & engineering capabilities under our audited nuclear quality program and we are highly adept at conducting construction design reviews and validation.


Client Benefits

At ARES-IPS we are committed to helping our clients build strong, comprehensive, and resilient protection programs designed to protect people, facilities, critical assets, mission capabilities, transport, and information. ARES-IPS staff are recognized leaders and innovators – experienced in operating at all levels of an organization and across a wide range of protection program sectors. Our overriding goal is to help our clients develop effective and efficient protection programs – with clear connections made between risk-informed decision opportunities and protection program expenditures. ARES expertise ensures full integration between all aspects of the organization’s mission, facility operations, safety, security, and emergency management. Our access to leading experts across a wide range of protection program specialties enables us to address the demanding challenges of any protection program and enables us to develop protection programs that are scalable and can quickly be modified to address emerging threats and unexpected situational developments. At ARES-IPS we recognize that the development and implementation of robust performance assurance programs, designed to ensure that protection program capabilities do not stagnate, is of paramount importance to our clients – and our field-proven expertise can provide our clients with the confidence they need that their protection program is effective, resilient, and sustainable.