Information Technology

Application Development

ARES deploys lean teams of full-stack, experienced software engineers who can develop products for any level of the information technology solution stack including systems architecture and administration, database design and management, software engineering, cyber security, and user interface design and development.  Our lean teams offer high levels of productivity, rapid issue response, and minimal operational system defects.  ARES has a unique ability to tightly manage application development projects to completion, integrating analysts, developers, testers, and end-users using Agile techniques while effectively communicating technical progress, schedule, and budget to stakeholders.

Website Development

ARES offers an Agile approach to website development, incrementally designing user interface features and rapidly prototyping solutions with customers.  ARES has a demonstrable capability in this domain, as showcased by a host of NASA government websites that ARES has developed, including the NASA Office of the Chief Technologist’s technology portfolio tracking system, TechPort.

ARES maintains relationships with industry-leading cloud hosting providers, and can provide website solutions that are cost-effective, secure, reliable, and responsive.

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