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ARES provides integrated security solutions for some of America’s most critical facilities. Our subject matter experts (SMEs) support development of the design basis threat (DBT) and conduct vulnerability assessments (VA) against the DBT using the latest tools and techniques. We then apply a graded solution based upon the customer’s risk tolerance and funding.

ARES provides customers with a total solution, from threat analysis and vulnerability assessment to system design to developing protective force requirements and developing and delivering training and exercises to ensure successful operations.


Our facility security design approach balances security system performance and costs to produce a design solution that minimizes risks within the budgetary constraints. During design, we focus on measuring security system risks through a combination of experienced professionals and system modeling tools. The ARES process allows for rapid evaluation of design alternatives to progress quickly to an optimized design. As the design process iterates to an optimized solution, we identify all the critical system elements in the security system to facilitate tracking of performance during the entire facility lifecycle. At the conclusion of the design phase, ARES regularly assists with the initial development of the security system programs to include an integrated training and exercise program.


The dynamic nature of facility construction and modification represents unique challenges to the facility security organization. ARES is typically able to work with our customers to establish an approach that monitors risks as construction progresses. ARES is well-versed with current operational experience during the construction phase of various elements in high-consequence environments such as nuclear power generation. We find that these approaches and experiences allow our customers to engage more directly and productively in daily construction planning activities rather than be reactionary. Construction activities will inevitably require departure from the steady-state risk posture of the design phase. It is common for ARES’ security professionals to assist in the development of cost-effective compensatory measures that enable the construction to continue and yet manage risks within acceptable levels.


Although the design phase of a facilities’ security system sets the anticipated baseline for security system performance, the current operational conditions represent the actual risk faced at the facility on a daily basis. In addition to changing facility conditions, the threat environment may evolve beyond what was considered in the design phase. We enable our customers to have clear indicators of when changing facility conditions or threats present a challenge to the current facility security posture. ARES is then able to assist the customer in evaluating the significance of these changes and establish interim compensatory measures as well as longer-term design changes to address them. Our security professionals provide decades of industry operational experience to assist our customers, they also provide expertise in transnational terrorism, activists and disruptive protestors, criminal activity, active shooters and work-place violence, insider threats, and asymmetrical threats (e.g, UAVs).


ARES provides an acknowledged expertise in developing and implementing strong performance assurance programs focused on maintaining the highest levels of protection and mission support. Our approach includes conducting audits and assessments as part of an independent quality assurance program that addresses performance goals as well as regulatory and compliance requirements. ARES extends the benefits of performance assurance by tackling the challenging cultural aspects of security within an organization. We provide “security culture” assessment and recommendations and high reliability organizational assessments to give insights into how the organization and its personnel can best support the overall security program implementation. ARES customizes communication strategies to ensure senior leadership are apprised of any performance issues and corrective actions.

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