Nuclear Deterrence

ARES supports the Department of Defense (DoD) and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) to ensure that the US maintains a safe and reliable nuclear deterrent. Our subject matter experts have provided advice to senior government officials in the development of national deterrence policy. We support the national laboratories and the nuclear weapons production facilities to ensure effective stockpile stewardship.

Nuclear Fuel Cycle

ARES has knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle, including uranium production (processing, conversion, enrichment, and recovery), plutonium production (production, chemical separation), manufacturing/fuel fabrication, reactor services, weapons production, recycling, and storage. ARES also understands the wide range of non-nuclear materials that are required to develop and maintain our national stockpile.

Weapons Security Policy

ARES personnel have supported the DoD’s weapons security policy through data and specific conclusions from our role in conducting Weapons System Safety Analyses as well as significant experience at the operational and strategic policy level. While supporting assignments at the Pentagon and Joint / Combatant Command Staffs, ARES personnel served as principal authors of numerous DoD doctrine and policy documents still in use today. Additionally, we have served in significant roles in training, compliance evaluation, and the continuous improvement of protective force tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Weapons System Safety

ARES participated in a research and development program for the DoD to assess the risk to the US nuclear weapons stockpile in abnormal environments. This extensive quantitate risk analysis study provided DoD the data which informed policy and doctrine regarding the storage, security, employment, operations, and delivery of weapons which continue to serve as our nation’s nuclear deterrent capability. ARES’s unique and extensive expertise and analytic capabilities continue to perform important roles in enhancing the safety and security of high threat resources and environments.

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