Nuclear Nonproliferation and Counterproliferation

One of the greatest security challenges to the U.S. is Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in the hands of hostile states and terrorists. Our nuclear and radiological subject matter experts have provided deterrence capabilities in over 100 countries to assist in combating WMD worldwide. ARES provides subject matter experts (SMEs) across the full spectrum of nonproliferation and counterproliferation missions, from policy formulation, to development of CONOPs and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), to building the capacity of partner nations.

Policy Development

ARES personnel have served in numerous policy forming positions across the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Department of Defense (DoD). In DOE, ARES personnel have worked at the highest levels of the National Nuclear Security Administration in capacities where they influenced and developed policy on emergency management and threat reduction. ARES also employs numerous retired military personnel who have served on the Army and Air Force staffs as well as the staffs of Combatant Commands and the Joint Staff. ARES personnel conducted and authored a study for the Office of the Secretary of Defense which made policy recommendations regarding ways to gain the greatest reduction in risk from the funds available for countering nuclear threats programs.

Enhanced Nuclear Security

ARES specializes in leading and executing programs aimed at enhancing domestic and global nuclear security. ARES personnel have led numerous threat reduction missions where they conducted assessment of nuclear facilities and nuclear/radiological storage sites. We develop recommendations on means to improve the security of these facilities and then oversee the implementation of these recommendations. ARES personnel have also developed nuclear security training materials currently used by international organizations and have led training and exercises focused on improving nuclear security in partner nations.

Material Protection, Control & Accounting

As a result of decades of work in DOE national labs, ARES personnel are well versed in the physical protection systems, material control and material accounting systems used to secure nuclear material from both insider and outsider threats. Along with working within US material protection, control, and accounting (MPC&A) programs, ARES personnel have also worked on programs to assist foreign nations in developing regulations and procedures for MPC&A operations, strengthening inspection and oversight capabilities, enhancing nuclear security culture, developing training and education programs, upgrading protective force training and housing facilities, and upgrading key elements of their transport infrastructure.

Global Partnerships

ARES personnel have worked on numerous DoD and DOE programs aimed at building foreign partner capacity. ARES personnel have supported programs working in over 100 countries focusing on augmented accounting, control, and physical protection of nuclear and radiological materials, enhancing nuclear security and safety, and improving detection of nuclear and radiological materials and prevention of illicit trafficking by strengthening border security capabilities.


ARES has a large cadre of retired military personnel who have served at all levels across the military services. They are well versed in the development of CONOPS and TTPs supporting and guiding the breadth of the military infrastructure from small units all the way up to Combatant Commands and the Joint Staff.

Nuclear Material Elimination

ARES personnel have experience across all of the national labs in the DOE infrastructure. This experience uniquely positions them to work with all manners of nuclear and radiological material. ARES personnel have served as delegation leads on missions to the Former Soviet Union to work to reduce their uranium stockpile and were also members of the team that searched for and eliminated nuclear material in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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