Security Education, Training and Exercises

Security solutions are only as good as the people who execute them. We develop and deliver training that provides the knowledge and skills necessary for protective forces and emergency operations personnel to execute their mission. We design and execute tabletop and full scale exercises to reinforce that training, incorporating lessons learned as we go.

Training Analysis

ARES instructional design experts have conducted comprehensive gap analyses to determine customers’ training needs. The needs assessment indicated required courses and areas of instruction to enhance nuclear security capabilities based on industry’s best practices. The training analysis incorporated how inter-agency partners could benefit through collective training, collaboration and integration. Analysis steps include:

  • Determine who will be in the training audience and its characteristics
  • Identify the training outcome
  • Are there any learning constraints
  • Consider possible delivery options
  • Are online pedagogical solutions possible
  • Determine the timeline to complete the training project

Training Design and Development

ARES instructional design SMEs implement learning objectives, assessment instruments, exercises, content, subject matter analysis, lesson planning and select the instructional media. Design is systematic and specific to fulfill the training needs of the audience. Systematic approach requires a logical, orderly method to identify, develop and evaluate a set of planned strategies targeted to attain the project’s goals. Specifically, each element of the instructional design plan needs to be executed with attention to details.

Training design implements these steps:

  • Document the project’s instructional, visual, and technical design strategy
  • Apply instructional strategies based on the intended behavioral outcomes by domain (cognitive, affective, psychomotor)
  • Create storyboards
  • Design the user interface and user experience
  • Create the prototype
  • Apply visual design (graphic design)

Full Scale Exercises

ARES experts have extensive experience in full scale exercises. These events challenge multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional, multi-discipline and functional activities (e.g., joint field offices, emergency operation centers, etc.) and also include tactical response (e.g., firefighters decontaminating mock victims).

Training Delivery

ARES training experts have experience in hands-on, classroom instruction, facilitating blended learning and managed on-line education and training courseware. Our experts have security training experience in over 100 countries.

Tabletop Exercises (TTXs)

ARES facilitators have conducted TTX events with key facility personnel. These informal, low-cost events allow a simulated scenario to assess plans, policies and procedures. Observations and feedback assist the facility management to fine-tune their local TTPs and make necessary adjustments to applicable documents.

Modeling & Simulation

ARES personnel can train and observe how the training audience implements and responds to results of hazard prediction and consequence management analysis tools. ARES experts have obtained their consequence management modeling tools experience from both hypothetical and actual emergency management situations during their DOE and DOD careers.

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