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In today’s rapidly changing infrastructure environment, traditional solutions for asset management and maintenance fail because they do not recognize the critical relationship between facility investments and mission success. ARES provides a unique, risk-based approach for cost-effective facility asset management which provides a defensible justification of budget. ARES’ approach reduces risk by identifying the highest performance activities, assessing the impacts of deferring maintenance and capital projects and providing a defensible justification of work. By linking the facility and infrastructure sustainment activities/budget to the operational mission, success is achievable.

With more than 20 years of experience in facility asset management, ARES implements proven processes, tools and expertise to integrate Strategic Management, Operations and Maintenance into a seamless package enabling more effective, efficient & system optimized performance.


ARES provides expertise and proven tools utilized to manage the interface between Maintenance, Operations and Design Engineering to integrate risk management into the initial asset acquisition process. This approach integrates optimized life-cycle cost and introduces risk management and system reliability and safety for operations and maintenance into the design, procurement, construction, and startup phase of Facility Asset Management. Optimized risk management is built into the asset portfolio. Of course ARES also has the engineering and project management abilities to help you acquire these assets as referenced in those sections of our website.


ARES has developed tools and processes to fully support Facility Operations. Demands on asset performance are clearly identified; operations costs are identified and benchmarked to industry standards, sustainment cost and risk is managed, and compliance with contracts and regulations is assured. Through integrated risk-based resource-loaded schedules and clear processes for safety management and environmental sustainability, operational risks and asset performance is assured. ARES has the capabilities to develop all the administrative, programmatic and operating procedures needed in a facility and has experience in implementing safety basis and emergency response procedures including training and drill programs.


ARES provides the full range of facility maintenance program services, coupled with “risk engineering”, hazard analysis, safety analysis, integrated project management, and construction and start-up support to optimize facility development, operation, and sustainment. Maintenance is the foundation for advanced asset performance over the engineered design life of the asset portfolio. ARES provides maintenance services from initial maintenance program development, through implementation, and execution for the life of the assets.

Capital Upgrades

ARES is recognized for its capabilities in facility asset assessments, analysis of asset condition, and projection of expected asset service life in support of capital upgrades and asset replacement. ARES analyzes demands on asset performance, mobility of function, and asset capability to support current missions to clearly identify and prioritize risk-informed capital upgrade requirements that assure high performance asset functionality. Integrated risk-based resource-loaded schedules and project execution plans are developed to implement capital upgrades.


ARES Facility Asset Management professionals and recognized Engineering expertise support assessment, risk analysis, life-cycle cost alternatives analysis, funding justification development, mobility of function evaluations, and planning for asset repurposing and final disposition of assets to assure our Client’s asset portfolio realize optimized performance.


ARES Facility Asset Management professionals and recognized Engineering expertise support analysis of asset condition, life-cycle optimization, construction engineering, cost estimating for facility life extension, risk-informed recapitalization planning and execution, and facility replacement decision processes.

Facility Use

ARES analyzes demands on asset performance, mobility of function, and asset capability to support current missions to support current asset use and project capability to support future mission criteria. We provide support for analysis and integration of safety management and environmental stewardship into Facility Asset Management plans and procedures to assure facility use profiles meet mission needs while remaining fully compliant. Facility structure, system, and component reliability is analyzed and optimized in support of asset performance to support mission use and occupancy of assets.

Resource Allocation

ARES develops risk-based resource-loaded maintenance and project schedules to optimize resource requirements and control costs of operations and maintenance of the asset portfolio. Schedules are integrated with operations, safety, security, procurement, and environmental compliance organizations to fully manage work control and compliance. Maintenance and operations personnel resource requirements are clearly identified and are included in risk assessment evaluations for facility asset management. Resources are identified for budget formulation and management.

Project Examples

Livermore National Laboratory

Since 2008 ARES has assisted Livermore National Laboratory in implementing a new safety basis for the SuperBlock Plutonium Facility. ARES has developed programmatic procedures, operating and maintenance procedures, facility design changes, training for engineering and operations, and other tasks as requested. ARES continues to provide these services in support of ongoing changes in the facility.

For a manufacturing client with assets in numerous countries in Asia, ARES implemented improvements in their facility operating and maintenance programs that resulted in significant risk reduction from previous failure events that resulted in losses that neared $1 Billion. Since ARES implemented these changes there have been no significant losses due to these type of failures in the last four years.


For the Canister Storage Building at the Hanford site, ARES conducted all the safety analyses for handling Immobilized High Level Waste canisters and redesigned the Multi-Canister Overpack handling machine for handling the canisters. This project also prepared the design for completion of Vaults 2 & 3 for storage of the canister.

New Mexico Biodiesel

ARES designed and built a biodiesel plant in New Mexico. This included the design of a new continuous reactor which ARES was awarded a U.S. Patent for. ARES served as the construction manager for the job as well.

LaCrosse Reactor

ARES performed all the seismic structural analysis and 10 CFR 50.59 safety basis reviews for modifications to the LaCrosse Boiling Water Reactor containment vessel so that the Reactor Pressure Vessel could be removed for decommissioning while spent fuel still remained in the fuel pool. Additional analysis was performed for the lifting device and the design presented to the NRC for review.

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