Cost Estimating

ARES leverages our significant expertise in the development and application of quantitative safety and risk management best practices to improve safety and quality, minimize schedule delays and budget overruns, reduce change orders, and optimize operational performance and productivity across all of our projects.


ARES provides a wide range of estimating capabilities, and routinely provides rough-order-magnitude estimates, parametric estimates, conceptual design cost estimates, detailed construction estimates (at various stages of design completion), fair cost estimates, and construction change order estimates. All types of estimates are accompanied with an Estimate Basis, which is a document that describes the methodology, technical basis, productivity factors, rates, mark-ups, and technical assumptions.

Escalation and Contingency Analysis

ARES uses risk-based cost analysis and other analytical methods to establish contingency and management reserves. Escalation is developed on each estimate at a detailed level using mid-point duration techniques.

Estimate Reviews and Assessments

ARES performs both Independent Cost Estimates and Independent Cost Assessments to provide clients with the confidence that their initial cost estimates are accurate and that their projects are properly budgeted.

Cost Reconciliation

ARES supports their clients when negotiating with construction contractors to ensure proposed costs are appropriate and are in alignment with the project’s scope. Drawing on the field experience of ARES cost estimators, the ‘context’ of construction activities are considered, not simply what is shown on the blueprint.

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