Facilities Management

Supply and Demand Forecasting

Many large, complex organizations and enterprises struggle to efficiently and effectively manage critical infrastructure, facilities, and real property assets. The ARES DFM, or Demand Forecasting Model, is a response to this challenge. DFM is a web-based application that brings together time-phased program/project operational requirements (demand) with comprehensive, detailed facility information (supply) to assist managers with an integrated, strategic, understanding of enterprise-level facility (and asset) utilization. In addition, the DFM provides a tactical level understanding of facility demand dates, potential scheduling conflicts, budget gaps, and capital investment needs driven by program requirements.

Facilities Analysis

The Demand Forecasting Model (DFM) is an important addition to the ARES Facility Asset Management Solution (FAMS). FAMS is an umbrella concept that offers enterprise facility managers an integrated suite of tools and services designed to assist with planning, operating, and maintaining real property, test equipment, and facilities in a manner which is safe, effective, efficient, and environmentally compliant.

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