Information Technology

ARES has extensive experience tailoring solutions to meet complex organizational objectives. We are adept at assessing stakeholder needs and defining information architectures to support the process workflow. We tightly manage and integrate product development teams of analysts, developers, and testers using Agile techniques, while effectively communicating technical progress, schedule, and budget to stakeholders. Our experienced analysts and engineers offer a wide range of industry knowledge and valuable lessons learned. We maintain a diverse staff with many different skillsets in fields such as software engineering, systems engineering, database modeling and administration, data analysis and visualization, information system security, validation and verification, flight and non-flight software assurance, as well as user interface design and web / mobile development.

Software Development

ARES deploys lean teams of full-stack, experienced engineers who can develop products for any level of the information technology solution stack, allowing us to offer high levels of productivity, rapid issue response, and minimal operational system defects. Our software development teams use the Scrum Agile management framework and incorporate key elements of the Extreme Programming Agile engineering methodology, including test-driven development, continuous integration, coding standards, and collective ownership. Our engineers are well-versed in all of the most popular technologies and programming languages including C#, C++, C, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Angular, and many more.

API-Driven Development

Our team understands the importance of interoperability. APIs naturally enrich any solution by providing a platform on which others can build, liberating data across the enterprise, and improving the overall quality of the end product by modularizing components, promoting testing, and improving documentation. Our solutions can revolutionize the way organizations do business, opening doors for enterprise initiatives like master data management (MDM), cross-contract integration, and fewer project silos.

Software Verification and Validation

ARES employs a rigorous testing regime to ensure the highest level of quality for all of our products. Our testing methods begin with thorough unit tests written at the component-level, meticulously maintained, and executed prior to each deployment. All software components undergo functional testing in an integrated test environment to verify requirements. Depending on client needs, ARES also performs user acceptance testing, 508 compliance verification, stress testing, and penetration testing.

Cloud Computing

ARES prides itself as being a pathfinder for cloud-based systems with our proven federal government solutions. Aligning with federal cloud-first policy, ARES takes full advantage of the total cost and flexibility benefits to be had with cloud-based architectures while adhering to FedRAMP and FISMA security requirements. ARES maintains relationships with industry-leading cloud service providers, and can develop and manage solutions that are cost-effective, secure, reliable, and responsive.


ARES delivers tailored cybersecurity solutions that meet the needs, budget, and environment of our customers, simultaneously ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, and standards as well as providing the practical cybersecurity protections that are so often missing. Be it FISMA compliance, DISA, or NIST guidelines, organizational requirements, or some other driver, our Team will help you create or maintain a secure, reliable, affordable, and compliant system. Our professionals are well-qualified with certifications including Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), GIAC Computer and Network Security Awareness (SSP-CNSA), and Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA).

System and Network Administration

ARES has extensive experience developing new enterprise system solutions, upgrading legacy infrastructure, maintaining large server farms and networks, and developing and operating cloud-based systems. ARES employs experts in all major server operating system and support technologies, and our administrators have extensive experience with process automation, scripting, system hardening, optimization, monitoring, and patching. ARES promotes a DevOps working model where all of our operations teams are well-connected with our development teams, providing rapid response times, increased system reliability, better security, and higher levels of productivity.

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