Knowledge Management

Knowledge Based Risks

ARES developed over 80 Knowledge-Based Risk (KBR) video modules for NASA. Each KBR features one or more NASA subject-matter experts addressing a specific management and/or technical issue related to program or project success. ARES will develop equivalent video archives for clients seeking to document critical corporate knowledge and more effectively implement enterprise risk management. The NASA KBR Library is publically available on the internet.


ARES supports clients in developing and conducting highly interactive, video-enhanced (HIVE) learning events that are tailored to address specific organizational goals or needs such as team-building, problem solving, process improvement, innovation, communication, risk management, or conflict resolution. ARES also facilitates a wide range of innovative face-to-face facilitation techniques including Fishbone analysis, Café Technique, and laptop brainstorming. ARES is currently developing and implementing HIVE learning events for the NASA Chief Knowledge Officer.


Multimedia Approaches

ARES recognizes the importance and necessity of capturing, retaining and transferring organization critical knowledge. ARES develops high production-value video dashboards and case studies to assist organizations in retaining corporate knowledge, and succeeding in future development activities. Each video seeks to capture organizational Critical Knowledge, broadly applicable lessons learned that enable mission success, stimulate critical thinking and help raise questions that need to be addressed at various phases in a project life-cycle.


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