Mission Assurance
ARES provides full life-cycle mission assurance services in the development, acquisition, manufacturing, testing, integration, and site support of mission critical systems including space lift and satellite systems.  We provide quality assurance, systems safety, reliability, software assurance, enterprise assurance and risk management services.  Our personnel develop and review mission assurance and safety requirements and carry out design reviews and analysis, safety analysis, requirements verification, test readiness reviews, integration and test support, and operations support to ensure that those requirements are designed into systems.
Quality Assurance
ARES puts emphasis on up-front built-in quality and reliability as compared with a costly Quality Control strategy that typically serves as a screening and defect management process. ARES risk-based Quality Engineering & Assurance approach will provide you with an individualized QE/QA service package that efficiently and effectively meets your need. ARES capabilities in material sciences, supply chain management, and process control, will help ensure that all critical manufacturing processes are stable, capable and in control.
Risk Management
Risk Management is Project Management – ARES excels at both.   ARES brings an unparalleled risk management expertise steeped in both qualitative and quantitative methods and most critically skilled in a host of risk communication and visualization tools and techniques. ARES will work with you to develop and implement a risk management program that spans programmatic as well as technical domains, addressing risks associated with cost, schedule, safety, and technical performance.
Software Assurance
As demonstrated over and over, Software Assurance = software quality; software safety; software reliability; software security are critical factors in achieving mission success. ARES software engineering professionals will provide the support you need from up-front design, through systems level integration. The ARES experts will also coordinate activities between the SA sub-disciplines, as well as with all hardware system safety, reliability, quality activities, maintaining a system perspective and minimizing duplication of effort.
Systems Safety
ARES System Safety team delivers expert management of potential hazards beginning early in the project concept development phase, influencing design decisions and extending through the project implementation phase. The ARES analytical rigor ensures consideration of hardware, software and human elements and their interactions within both nominal and off-nominal operational environments.

ARES will then assist your team in verifying the implementation of control and mitigation measures that enable mission success.

ARES reliability engineering experts will help your design team conduct the critical bottoms-up FMEA analyses that enables informed tradeoff analysis and design iteration. Further, the ARES team will assist you in important decisions concerning design redundancy, margin, individual component and system-level reliability and supply chain management as well as development of sparing, maintenance, and logistics strategies.
Enterprise Assurance
The ARES engineering management and systems engineering thought leaders will assist your organization in the development and implementation of enterprise assurance control processes necessary to achieve AS-9100 certification. Most importantly, ARES will help you sustain compliance and mature your organizational culture with ongoing Lean / Six-sigma events, Critical Knowledge capture events and other continuous improvement activities.
Program Examples
NASA Safety & Mission Assurance Prime Contractor

ARES provides safety and mission assurance services to Goddard Space Flight Center projects. We support on-site, in-plant, launch range, and on-orbit operations for review audit, and inspection of procedures, hardware, and integration test activities. ARES develops hazard analyses to ensure that systems, instruments, spacecraft, and people are not harmed at any point of the life cycle. Our reliability engineers provide risk analysis and statistical assessments of mission risks and provide test plan recommendations and success criteria. ARES helps to assure safety and mission success for the full spectrum of Goddard-managed space flight projects.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

U.S. Air Force Space Missile Command

U.S. Space Force


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