Program Planning and Control

Integrated Master Scheduling

The Ares team will work with you to ensure schedule management is adequately and consistently implemented on each of your projects. Ares analysts will ensure that schedules are fully integrated with the planned budget and technical content of each project employing industry “best practices” for effective integrated project management and control.   Further, ARES will ensure integration of requirements between the IMS, the Core Financial System, and your designated Earned Value Management (EVM) tool suite.

Earned Value Management

The ARES Program Control Team implements a fully integrated management control system for assessing, understanding and quantifying program progress. ARES will assist you in developing and maintaining a Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB) to track work planned, budgeted, and scheduled v. actual work accomplished. ARES EVM analyses will provide your project managers with objective, accurate and timely data to support effective decision making.

Joint Confidence Level Analysis

ARES Joint Confidence Level or JCL analysis enables proactive project risk management by considering uncertainty in technical, cost, and schedule, estimates and projections. The result of a JCL indicates the probability that a project’s cost will be equal to or less than the targeted cost and that the schedule will be equal to or less than the targeted finish. The JCL can show the impacts of risks to a project, and provides stakeholders visibility into the probability of meeting cost and schedule expectations.

Risk Analysis

A fourth key program control tool is risk management. ARES considers risk management fundamentally integral to project management – ARES excels at both.   ARES brings an unparalleled risk management expertise steeped in both qualitative and quantitative methods and most critically skilled in a host of risk communication and visualization tools and techniques. ARES will work with you to develop and implement a risk management program that spans programmatic as well as technical domains, addressing risks associated with cost, schedule, safety, and technical performance.

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