The ARES SkillBridge Program gives Active-Duty military members who will soon transition into civilian life a chance to gain valuable work experience through specific industry training and development. ARES is proud to be an authorized SkillBridge organization through the Department of Defense, bridging the skills of Service members to their new civilian careers.

Active-Duty military can participate anytime during their final 180 days of service. The program is designed to provide the candidate and our organization value in a strategic skillset match, candidate development, and a path to potential regular employment. Ultimately, we are looking for transitioning service members to join our team after completion of the program in numerous job categories. Military members who are considering participating in the program can search our careers site, or use the “contact us” link on this page to inquire as to what positions may be of interest.

ARES has had success with Skillbridge candidates at Kennedy Space Center, Florida, working on the Exploration Ground Systems program to ready the ground systems for NASA’s manned missions to the moon. These internship positions will help refurbish the ground systems and process the launch vehicles that are destined to return the next man and first women to the moon by 2024. We aim to expand our Skillbridge participation to other contracts and locations.