Integration and Testing

ARES supports all aspects of integration and test, from development of required verification activities and artifacts through procedure design and hands-on assembly and test.

Artemis on the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center

Launch Facility Development and Operation

Since 2020, ARES has served as prime contractor for the KLXS-III contract in support of NASA’s Exploration Ground Systems (EGS) Program at Kennedy Space Center. We provide technical integration, requirements management, technical baseline management, interface management, operations processing planning and ground support equipment (GSE) acquisition management and integration. We directly supported the integration and test of the successful Artemis I mission and are supporting NASA’s integration of the Artemis II vehicle, preparing to return humans to the Moon.

Human Spaceflight Systems Integration

ARES developed the ISS Integration Plan documented in SSP 50964 “Visiting Vehicle ISS Integration Plan” and successfully supported NASA in certifying and operating the CRS and CCtCap programs. We continue to work with other potential commercial organizations in development and integration with the ISS. ARES Visiting Vehicle SE&I and VIPER teams have received five NASA Public Service Medals, a Silver Snoopy, an RNASA Stellar Award, and numerous NASA Group Achievement Awards for their contributions to the technical integration of the ISS program and all visiting vehicles.

Spacecraft Assembly, Integration, and Test

ARES has provided spacecraft Assembly, Integration, and Test support to the Air Force Research Lab at Kirtland AFB for spacecraft and high-altitude balloon projects for over ten years. Our experience includes verification and performance assessment of all spacecraft, ground operations, and ground support equipment systems and subsystems. We provided hands-on AI&T support for TacSat II, TacSat III, EAGLE, DSX, and ANGELS satellites. We have conducted spacecraft and payload environmental and functional testing, including vibration, modal test, shock, thermal cycle, and thermal vacuum testing at component, subsystem, and spacecraft levels.

Schedule Integration Tool

Our ARES Schedule Integration Tool melds schedules from multiple suppliers in disparate applications to develop an integrated master schedule that is automatically updated. Our risk-informed I&T planning leverages this data to prioritize resources, identify potential work-arounds, and facilitate replanning. Our experience in requirements verification ensures that we plan I&T activities to develop and deliver the appropriate verification artifacts that demonstrate flight readiness. Our interface management proficiency has managed the integration of subsystems and segments from wide-ranging suppliers, government agencies, and international partners.