Quality Assurance

ARES provides world-class professional support services and takes pride in promoting and maintaining a corporate culture of integrity, quality, innovation, and commitment.

Our Services

Organizations have multiple standards that are flowed down in contracts including International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Aerospace Standards (AS), Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR and DFAR), and industry specific requirements such as FIPS, NIST, and FISMA.

ARES reviews the existing systems and the requirements to be met to determine an organization’s current level of conformance and its ability to demonstrate this conformance for registration. We work together with the organization to address deficiencies and achieve conformance to the desired level and prepare the organization for registration or demonstration of conformance.

We understand that the client must have ownership and accountability for these systems, so mentoring and coordinating with the team to ensure the solution provides a least-risk and effective approach is key to our success. We then provide ongoing support of the continued activities to maintain the systems implemented.

Quality Management System Development

  • Implement or update existing quality and cybersecurity management systems to meet standards and requirements.
  • Administer internal audit and assessment schedules.
  • Facilitate management review, material review boards, change control boards, and registration activities
  • Mentor and develop junior staff to improve internal auditor skills.
  • Produce reports that utilize tools for alignment with third party registrars.

Capability Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

ARES is a CMMC-AB registered practitioner. We provide the following:

  • Evaluation of the CMMC level needed to protect and control information within your organization.
  • CMMC gap analysis that compares current management system and safeguards to CMMC requirements.
  • Collaborative development of an approach to address gaps and risks to meet certification requirements.
  • Support for system implementation and process development.

Quality Services

  • Supply Chain Risk Assessments
  • Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) Monitoring
  • Counterfeit Parts and Materials Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Quality and Auditor Training

Subject Matter Expert Spotlight

Lynn Cuperus has over 30 years of quality management, audit, regulatory and operations management in both NASA and DoD programs. As the ARES Quality Lead, Lynn manages the ARES quality management system, leads audit and assessment activities, and is the primary liaison for her clients with their registration bodies.

Support for Small Businesses

Companies with less than 50 employees often struggle with keeping up on the management system infrastructure, internal audits, review boards, metrics tracking and independent reviews required by the standards because daily tasks to deliver to customers is a focus. ARES provides Quality Managers to support small business needs by serving as Management Representatives or Management System Leads for the company’s QA program. This provides the requisite independent oversight and a cost-effective resource for improvement, compliance assessment, and coordination of QMS activities.

ARES has helped small companies achieve full AS9100 and ISO 27001 compliance and certification. Our experts have developed a systemic, low-risk approach to meet the controls required for System Security Planning and compliance with NIST SP800-171 as required by Department of Defense DFAR 1852.204-7012. This approach integrates the required controls into a single, robust set of processes, reducing duplicated efforts and systems. Our Auditors start with a gap analysis and assessment. We then help develop a company’s management systems including integrating a single system solution for conformance to ISO, AS, and other international standards. Other support provided includes GIDEP monitoring, corrective action planning, development of an approved supplier program, and serving as the Registration Liaison.

ARES is ISO9001/AS9100 and ISO 27001 certified. The ARES Quality Assurance Program is an integral part of our corporate management system that ensures activities are planned, documented, and verified with the objective of providing error-free products to our customers on time and within planned budgets.